Hello angularian, In this series of blog we are going yo learn on angular 8 basic to advance step by step

Table of Content:

1.Install node (installation of package)

2.install angular cli(to create angular project)

3.Visual Studio IDE(editing and running code)

4.Browser(to run application)

Step 1.Install node

node.js can be install from the following website.

Click here to install node.js


Step 2:

Once the npm is installed,check npm version to check npm is installed globally in cammand prompt.

npm -version

Install angular as following


npm install -g @angular/cli

Check angular is installed or not.


ng -version or ng --version

Install  visual studio ide by clicking here or you can user your own ide such as sublime,atom etc

Step 4:

I assume you already have your favorite browser with you.If not install now.

My favorite is google chrome. you can click here to download chrome.

Thanks for sticking with me in next blog we will start creating new project.

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